This gorgeous town is set apart by its location and iconic views and outdoor recreational activities galore. 

Welcome to Woodside

Woodside is a singular neighborhood known for stunning estates, casual restaurants, tight knit community, and unmatched physical beauty.
The most stunning neighborhood in the San Francisco Peninsula boasting redwoods and Douglas fir trees that dominate in the Western Hills. Woodside is a community-oriented town with vast numbers of open space preserves. The paramount allure of Woodside is a combination of the neighborhood’s pictorial views and convenient location.
Woodside is where you can pause — from anywhere — and take in a breath of fresh air. 

The Neighbors

Populated by long-time residents and ambitious newcomers.
Woodside on a Friday night may overflow with the usual collection of ambitious tech and finance professionals but stroll by any of the side streets and you’ll find longtime residents living in homes that have been around for generations, as well as young families putting down their roots.

What to Expect

A resort-like enclave within the city.
Woodside combines high-end housing with a high-energy commercial strip. Some of the city’s best eateries, including Michelin starred restaurants, as well as others frequented by Silicon Valley entrepreneurs. Some of the most unique boutiques can be found here considering Woodside is an intentionally small business district. This gorgeous town is set apart by its location and iconic views and outdoor recreational activities galore. 

The Lifestyle

Quiet residential streets surrounding a dynamic commercial district.
Woodside residents embrace the distance dividing them from San Francisco, because that’s what makes corner of The Peninsula a bit quieter than others. Theirs is a retreat, with ample parks and natural views on-demand. 

Unexpected Appeal

Endless entertainment options all within an elegant locale.
An abundance of outdoor recreation activities is available to Woodside residents. In the heart of San Francisco Bay find The Horse Park an organization dedicated to land preservation and equestrian sports, this location is buzzing throughout the week. Residential streets can be quiet, but being a destination in its own right, Woodside is seldom empty. Fans of casual dining will love the neighborhood’s culinary choices.

The Market

Spanish-style homes commanding a premium.
Woodside is unique among Peninsula neighborhoods; it’s completely free of Victorians found in San Francisco. Instead, the district is populated by breezy Spanish-style and infamous California Ranch style homes. Those who can afford the steep price of admission are rewarded with magnificent abodes and an exclusive address.

You'll Fall in Love With

The feeling that you’ve somehow stumbled onto a place that’s equal parts California, New England, and Italy.
Whether you spend sunny days in the open space preserves, bike ride through Skyline Boulevard, or enjoy a farm-to-table meal from the local farmer’s market, Woodside residents can feel the international influence throughout this illustrious neighborhood.

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