Palo Alto

It is a unique neighborhood known for its charming mixture of tradition and innovation.

Welcome to Palo Alto

Palo Alto is almost synonymous to the tech boom in the Bay Area. It is a unique neighborhood known for its charming mixture of tradition and innovation. Home to cutting edge technological development and historic buildings evoking its California heritage. This neighborhood boasts tree lined streets, a vibrant downtown, stunning homes, upscale commercial and charming residential areas, all unmatched by its physical beauty.
More than 100 years old, the City of Palo Alto is named after a 1,000-year-old redwood tree along San Francisquito Creek. Downtown Palo Alto offers casual and upscale restaurants, well-known chain stores and boutique-lined streets offering plenty of options to stay busy within the hustle and bustle of “The Birthplace of Silicon Valley.” Palo Alto residents also take immense pride in their remarkable number of City-owned parks and natural habitats including the marshland trails of Baylands Nature Preserve.
A pervasive continental allure extends from the rows of charming eateries and shops to the awe-inspiring energy flowing through the neighborhoods.

The Neighbors

Proactive, culturally sophisticated and politically aware young professionals matched by long-time residents.
Palo Alto is largely populated by dynamic working professionals and new families living side-by-side with empty nesters who enjoy the neighborhood’s abundant natural open space, ample parks and plenty of sun.

What to Expect

Headquarters to a multitude of high-technology companies.
Palo Alto combines high-end housing with a high-energy commercial strip. Some of the best restaurants and most unique boutiques can be found here. Palo Alto is set apart by its location, boasting prestigious cultural and educational offerings adding to the vibrancy and innate charm of Palo Alto.

The Lifestyle

Quiet residential streets surrounding a dynamic commercial district.
Palo Alto residents embrace living in their own exclusive bubble, because that makes their corner of Silicon Valley a bit quieter than others, theirs is a retreat, with ample parks and scenic views on-demand. University Avenue continues to provide a plethora of chic restaurants and stylish boutiques.

Unexpected Appeal

Endless entertainment options all within an elegant locale.
Residential streets can be quiet, but being a destination in its own right, Palo Alto is seldom empty. Fans of casual dining and comfortable watering holes will love the neighborhood’s seemingly endless culinary choices.

The Market

Modern-style homes commanding a premium.
Palo Alto is populated by breezy modern buildings. Those who can afford the steep price of admission are rewarded with magnificent abodes and an exclusive address.

You'll Fall in Love With

The feeling that you’ve somehow stumbled onto a place that’s unique in its own right.
Whether you spend sunny days in vibrant downtown, watching wildlife on the Bay, or enjoying a farm-to-table meal from the local farmers market, Palo Alto residents can feel the international influence throughout this illustrious neighborhood.

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