The ultimate of grand seclusion amid the hustle of the Bay Area.

Welcome to Atherton

A rarefied community where Silicon Valley’s elite mingle with affluent families.
Incorporated on September 12, 1923 and located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Atherton is a historic community with an air of exclusivity. Beautifully maintained homes on one-acre plus lots are tucked away behind grand, gated entryways and ornamental tree-lines streets. The ultimate of grand seclusion amid the hustle of the Bay Area.

The Neighbors

Successful tech moguls who enjoy a more refined sense of living.
Atherton has the distinction of being not only an affluent neighborhood, but a family-friendly one as well. Residents come to Atherton for a variety of reasons, but they all come with an eye toward permanency. It is a place individuals and families come when they’ve achieved plenty and are looking to plant their roots. Some of the oldest Bay Area natives still call Atherton home.

What to Expect

A rarified-yet-muted family environment.
Historic mansions mixed with modern day estates showcasing architectural masterpieces brimming a stately presence. This serene and exclusive town offers a plethora of luxurious and captivating residences fit for royalty.

The Lifestyle

Quiet and elegant, with an air of class and sophistication.
Atherton’s residents are a mix of old and new; people who’ve worked hard to get to this neighborhood and natives that have deep generational roots in the town. Atherton has proven to become one of the wealthiest towns in the world. From high society to elite technology tycoons, expect to mingle amongst some of the brightest minds and philanthropic socialites in the country.

Unexpected Appeal

A high-end neighborhood removed from the buzz of the Silicon Valley.
It’s not the type of place that attracts high-profile residents looking for a buzzing downtown or nightlife, but instead a preferred, private landing spot for tech moguls and industry leaders whose aim is to put down roots and raise a family and give back to the local community. 

The Market

This neighborhood has more than its share of eight-figure homes and inventory can be hard to come by.
Atherton is a place where eight-figure asking prices are not unusual and where old Ranch style homes are torn down to be replaced by thoughtfully crafted McMansions with luxurious amenities and constructed with the finest materials. The “average” Atherton home usually sells for upwards of $6 million and typically is not less than an acre of land. It is not uncommon for wealthy property owners to acquire neighboring parcels adding more value to their already valuable land. Some owners have even transformed neighboring properties into private parks for their personal enjoyment.

You'll Fall in Love With

Opulence sans the buzz of a famous neighborhood.
Early mornings in Atherton, watching the fog pass through towering redwood trees and neighbors walking the streets with their dogs; quiet nights behind closed gates and family gatherings with pool time and BBQ’s; all of these activities (and many more) will make you feel like you’ve found a secret enclave in which to spend your life.

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