Peninsula Neighborhoods

A historic community with an air of exclusivity. Beautifully maintained homes on one-acre plus lots along stately tree-lined streets is what you can expect from the housing market in the area.
Belmont's sense of community emphasizes its small town ambiance. Although quiet and very much so residential, it is both culturally and technologically rich.
Historic buildings are well as unique shops fill the streets of downtown Burlingame. The surrounding areas radiate outward from this center into quaint, residential areas.
With its quiet atmosphere, residents find that Hillsborough offers a nice escape from the city but what really attracts people is its own charm.
The trees line the streets of this seven square mile city giving Los Altos its small village atmosphere.
The rural nature of Los Altos Hills allows for exploration of the trails while the city of San Francisco is just thirty-five minutes away. 
This city is the Mecca of Venture Capital and the birthplace of Google. It is located in the Silicon Valley adjacent to Stanford University.
With Shoreline Park, a 750 acre regional recreation and wildlife area, and downtown, a pedestrian-oriented destination point, Mountain View provides the perfect balance for a city.
Located on the mid-peninsula, Palo Alto is home to many leading industries of Silicon Valley.
This hidden gem of the San Francisco Peninsula features country properties minutes from commute routes. While here you will find privacy, large lots, and equestrian centers. 
Centered on community, this neighborly city is located just between San Francisco and San Jose
This affluent small residential suburb sits about halfway between San Francisco and San Jose in San Mateo county.

This family oriented city is filled with great neighborhoods and schools. It is an ideal commercial location and a link to San Francisco, San Jose, and the East Bay.
Exclusive equestrian estates nestled in the Coastal Redwood Forests. Bicycle and horse enthusiasts converge in rustic Woodside City, just 31 miles south of San Francisco.